• Acrylic Coating, Acrylic Foam Coating. Acrylic colour coating.
  • PU/PVC Coating,Pvc colour coating.
  • Anti bacterial /Anti Fungal treatment.
  • Water proofing breathable fabric/water repellant.
  • Anti Fray coating.
  • Silver Pigment coating/Heat resistant coating on fabric.
  • Wrinkle Free Coating for Apparels.

Lamination Services:

  • Bonding with Foam.
  • Fabric with Pvc film.
  • Fabric with calendar film.
  • Fabric to Fabrics Bonding.


Waterproof, UV stabilized, Low elongation under stress. No cracking, Attractive appearance, easy to handle and store, durable color fast, fungus and termite resistant, high tear and tensile strength, Fire resistant.

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