1) Automobile seat covers:

Seat cover in velvet is made of PVC that is much loved in the world today, which is quite popular and is also widely used as a synthetic material. It has good acid and alkali, wear-resistant, flame retardant and insulating properties.

2) Banners & Canvas:

Nylon fabric with a flexible PVC coating on both sides widely used for banners, lightweight covers etc. 100% cotton coated with acrylic used for artist canvas. We offer quality Waxed Canvas Fabrics used for truck tarpaulin and tents.

3) Coating on Denim Fabric:

Jeans have a coating that feels like as if the cotton of the denim is waxed. If black in color, the jeans shine up like leather pants. The coating is generally done using pigment, acrylic or polyurethane coating. Pigment coating provides the denim a new look and experience after every wash. . It also gives the fabric a protective breathable layer with stain resistant properties. Luster and feel of the fabric are also improved.

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